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Protecting our clients and making our clients happy is why we exist…

Our client testimonials

Western Verify is easy to use and provides an affordable service that gives me comfort that our clients will be driven by safe and responsible drivers.

Jordan L., Operations Manager

Northern Utah Airport Shuttle

We have used Western Verify for many years. It’s cost effective and easy to use. Morgan has been quick to respond with any questions we have had.

Pat S., HR Manager

Layton Construction Company

...we had a report come back that we had to take adverse action for. I ended up running the same report in the previous system we were using to see if it pulled the same information and turns out that the other company was missing some of the charges that were on the report we ran through WV. So that was great reassurance for our owner!

Brittany M., Staff Recruiter

BrightStar Care

Trust. Verify. Prosper.