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Criminal Checks

Criminal Checks

Western Verify offers the most comprehensive checks to vet your prospective tenants.


We provide accurate and fast multi-state national criminal record searches across the country.  The searches are based on an SSN trace and include the sex offender list.  Our database is curated from a variety of reliable sources, including court and incarceration records, arrest data, probation and parole information, and more. Each search complies with FCRA standards.


A state criminal background check is a search of a candidate’s criminal background at the state level. It is used to find additional criminal history outside of the counties where the candidate has lived. State background checks generally search state criminal record databases to show criminal convictions on a candidate’s record. A state criminal background check may reveal records from law enforcement agencies, including felony convictions.


Most criminal cases are adjudicated within county courts, therefore it’s imperative that a county-level criminal record check be part of any comprehensive background screening process. Our searches are conducted in the court’s predominantly used index and includes both felonies and misdemeanors. This approach allows us to find misdemeanors and felonies that might otherwise elude detection in broader, more generalized searches.


Any crime committed across state lines or on federal property is heard in a federal court. Using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), part of our federal criminal background check process includes a search for white collar crimes, money laundering, drug trafficking, constitutional breaches, and other interstate and international crimes that could be on a candidate’s record.

SSN Verification and Trace

The Social Security Number Verification, also known as a Person Search, is used as a research tool in conjunction with the MultiState Criminal Search. It lists names and addresses that have been associated with the Social Security Number within the last 10 years. For most SSN’s you also receive the date range in which the SSN was issued and the state in which it was issued. The results of this search help provide an insight into whether your applicant is who they say they are.

Sex Offender

A Sex Offender Search is included with each MultiState Search. When sex offender records are found, we will include the record, the details of the offense and in some cases, a picture of the offender.

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