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Employment Screening

Employment Screening

We offer a comprehensive suite of pre-employment screening services to meet the demands of almost any company and industry.

Services and Packages Highlights

Criminal Checks

Western offers some of the most comprehensive and timely checks available on the market, including national, state, and county specific searches.

Motor Vehicle Reports

MVR Checks serve as a cornerstone in safeguarding organizational compliance, fortifying brand credibility, and ensuring customer safety.

Drug Screenings

Elevate the safety of your work environment, ensure employee well-being, and safeguard organizational assets with Western Verify’s robust drug screening solutions.

Health Sanction Checks

If you’re a healthcare company, you’ll want to make sure you check the background of your providers using our Health Sanction Checks.

Personal Credit Checks

We provide you the ability to run credit checks on applicants that may be handling financial decisions


We offer a wide range of verifications services, including: Education, Employment, and Professional Credentials.  We also provide personal reference checks.

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