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Tenant Screening


Tenant Verifications

Let us perform valuable verifications on your prospective tenants.

Employment Verifications

An Employment verification will help you determine the applicant’s ability to pay the rent and whether or not the applicant was honest in their statements of wage, position and length of employment.


Landlord Verifications

Landlord Verifications will help you get a better sense of how the applicant acts as a resident. If the applicant is currently renting, we will call the applicant’s landlord and ask a series of questions such as “Have you had any problems or complaints with the applicant?”, “Have any legal notices been served?” and “Would the applicant be eligible to re-rent?” If the applicant currently owns their home, we will either verify the mortgage on the credit report or contact the County Assessor’s Office to verify home ownership.

Personal Verifications

Personal References provide insights regarding the applicant that our Employment & Landlord verifications do not provide. We will ask the reference about the nature of the applicant’s character as well as the length and nature of the relationship.

INcome Verifications

Income verification services are a valuable way to mitigate risk and ensure seamless monthly payments from your tenants.

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