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Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to fit the needs of most landlords and property managers for both single-family and multi-family residents

Tenant Screening

The cornerstone of securing a successful rental experience lies in the effectiveness of your tenant screening process. By understanding a potential tenant’s background, you gain invaluable insights into their payment history, eviction records, criminal activities, and even prior damage caused to other properties. This information empowers you to make well-informed decisions regarding the suitability of prospective renters.


Multi-Family Resident

Apartments or condominiums, big or small, Western Verify can handle any of your large-scale and high turnover tenant screening needs.

Single-Family Resident

For property managers and landlords with single-family resident properties in their portfolio, Western Verify can provide tailored screening packages to suit your needs.

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Criminal Checks

Western offers some of the most comprehensive and timely checks available on the market, including national, state, and county specific searches.


We offer several types of verification services to give you confidence that your renters are who they claim to be.


Understanding a prospective client’s past eviction history is a key element of vetting out previous tenants.

Tenant Credit Checks

Elevate Your Property Protection with Tenant Credit Checks

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